Engineering a Passion for People and the Development of STEM – Podcast interview with Charles Muse

Engineering a Passion for People and the Development of STEM – Podcast interview with Charles Muse

“It does not really matter all the time what you are working on, but the group of people that you work on it with is truly what is going to foster that comradery that will allow you to innovate.” – Charles Muse

In this episode, I interviewed Charles Muse, a Program Engineering Manager at General Motors in Detroit, Michigan, about his career and some of the major projects he has worked on, including his passion for people and the development of STEM.

Here Are Some of the Key Points Discussed About Engineering a Passion for People:

  • Aerodynamics includes the study of the pressure of a fluid over a car. It is about redesigning a car to use its force as a purpose. There are two different ways you can do that:
    • You can focus more on drag reduction, which is more about energy efficiency. The less pressure there is on a car, the less energy you will have to expel to propel the car down the road.
    • For a performance car, you need to reduce the overall drag to a degree. However, there are areas of the car that you will need to increase. You will need to design the car from an aerodynamic perspective to take advantage of the forces that are present.
  • The most exciting part of being part of the General Motors team is that you have a team full of open-minded, can-do attitude people who are marching toward the innovation and the revolution of how we can move people by having a passion for people. The best part of the job is not necessarily what we are working on, but who we are working with and what our ultimate goal is.
  • When you want to make society a better place, you have to start with engineering because engineers are inherent problem-solvers and critical thinkers. Every time you open your eyes, you see engineering, no matter what it is that you do, whatever technology you use, or what utensils you use in the house; everything that you pretty much touch was engineered.
  • We all have a passion to solve problems, and problems are not going to go away at any point in time in this world. As long as you have engineers in the world, you will have an army of people trying to resolve those issues.
  • I think the ultimate goal that we all should have is being able to have the next generation start where we ended. There is a melting pot of diverse talents, ideas, and perceptions, and that is probably the most resilient thing you can build in any team.
  • It doesn’t matter where you start or what your background is — when you start to deep root in your passions and follow those things, everything else becomes so much easier. Make sure that everything you love to do, you are actually doing.

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