Shaping Our Future Generations Through STEM Outreach – Podcast interview w/ Tiffani Teachey

Shaping Our Future Generations Through STEM Outreach – Podcast interview w/ Tiffani Teachey

“STEM representation matters. We have to have a seat at the table and everyone should be able to do it.” ~ Tiffani Teachey

In this episode, I interviewed Tiffani Teachey, a senior mechanical engineer and international best-selling author about STEM, and the importance of becoming involved in STEM, especially as a young girl. She talks about the books she has authored and how she uses that accomplishment to shape our future generations by encouraging girls to become more involved in STEM.

Here Are Some of the Key Points Discussed About STEM:

  • Statistics show that girls start questioning themselves at a young age, so we need to start exposing them to STEM earlier on in their lives. Giving them exposure, opportunity, access, and knowledge is the key to getting them more involved in STEM. Mentorship and representation is also a great way for them to visualize themselves and others in a career in STEM.
  • Exposing girls to role models who are women as engineers or even astronauts is the starting point to debunking the myth that only men can work in these positions. Telling the stories of the hidden women in history, as well as the stories of the women who are doing it now, will also help them to see the possibilities. This can be done through avenues like television, movies, and anything that influences their minds.
  • The book, “What Can I Be? STEM Careers from A to Z,” is the number 1 seller in STEM education. It is available in three languages so that the underrepresented minorities and Title 1 schools will not have a problem understanding it. It is targeted at children from 5 to 8 years old, and features six diverse children who walk them through the different careers.
  • There are 11 women authors talking about their experiences and transformations in the book called, “Saving Lives While Fighting for Mine: Stories to Empower Women to Win.” The section “Against All Odds” talks about how girls who are still in school need to speak up when they are not treated correctly. It also talks about dealing with discrimination and standing your ground as a woman once you have started your career. In addition, it has steps that women and girls can take to become empowered and have a great career in STEM.

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