Engineering and STEM Education: Why It Is Important – Podcast interview with Dr. Nehemiah Mabry

Engineering and STEM Education: Why It Is Important – Podcast interview with Dr. Nehemiah Mabry

“You become a more well-rounded individual the more you can understand things from a perspective that is not your own” – Dr. Nehemiah Mabry

In this episode, I interviewed Dr. Nehemiah Mabry, P.E., an engineer, educator, and entrepreneur based in Raleigh, North Carolina, and we talked about his career, his involvement in STEM education, and the inspirational STEM content for students and educators that he puts out there.

Here Are Some of the Key Points Discussed About Engineering and STEM Education:

  • STEMedia is a media production company and community for the young professional niche and underrepresented communities in STEM. It focuses on connecting with and empowering people in their career development.
  • STEMedia has produced a video series for STEM education institutes and universities that speak to certain aspects of career development, such as soft skill development and job-related topics. They now have a platform for hosting their content that is offered to student populations at universities for those who want to supplement their career services, training, sponsorships, and job opportunities.
  • Winning an award at the National Academy of Engineering (NAE) contest means a lot for your company, but it can take some time for you to see the results. Having something that is validated by the National Academy of Engineering gives credibility to what you do. Doing something different will attract more attention than doing what everyone has seen before.
  • Companies must be more intentional about making a more diverse and dynamic workforce. Start by intentionally going to places where you can diversify your network. It takes intentionality and putting yourself in areas of discomfort for you to have the opportunity to know good diverse engineers that you can recommend.
  • Research done by the Brookings Institute shows that companies that have more diverse people in influential positions have higher revenues due to the innovation that comes from being diverse. How will your company function in a future workforce of diversity if you are not taking the opportunity now to be more culturally diverse and more relatable to diverse communities?
  • If you cannot find a job description where you are happy with everything in it, entrepreneurship is the way to go. Entrepreneurship is seeing an idea you had on a piece of paper come to fruition. It is the ability to communicate the value that you are offering. Entrepreneurship is being in control of every aspect of a project. When you finish the project and solved all the problems that came your way, you start experiencing the solution, the victory, the accomplishment, and the satisfaction.
  • Be intentional about building a robust, qualified workforce. Find other perspectives and talent in communities other than your own. Ensure your work environment is supportive and welcoming of different talents and cultures. It will help you to produce more and make the world more than it is. Don’t underestimate the contribution you can make. Everyone has a unique set of experiences, talents, and skills that allow you to provide something that nobody else can. The world is waiting for what you have to offer.

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