Prisoner of War Lessons for Life, Leadership, and Engineering – Podcast interview with Dave Carey

Prisoner of War Lessons for Life, Leadership, and Engineering – Podcast interview with Dave Carey

“Working with people is a valuable gift. Taking on responsibilities that go beyond technical skills is crucial because the real essence lies in interacting and collaborating with others” – Dave Carey

In this episode, I interviewed Dave Carey, an acclaimed motivational speaker, consultant, coach, and author, and talked about his experience as a prisoner of war (POW) for over five years and the invaluable lessons he gained from it that can be applied to life, leadership, and engineering.

Here Are Some of the Key Points Discussed About Prisoner of War Lessons for Life, Leadership, and Engineering:

  • Dave, a young officer on an aircraft carrier near North Vietnam, got shot down. He then ejected from his aircraft, landing in a small North Vietnamese village, where he was captured and spent a grueling 5½ years as a prisoner of war in North Vietnam.
  • Dave’s resilience during his 5½ years as a prisoner of war shows the importance of staying strong and adaptable. Despite the challenges, he and his fellow prisoners found ways to keep busy, like teaching each other subjects such as math and French, and even learning to play makeshift instruments.
  • When facing hardships, it’s crucial to maintain resilience, integrity, humor, personal growth, and faith. These qualities help overcome various challenges in life, both personal and professional.
  • Dave wrote his book, “The Ways We Choose,” partly to enhance his credibility as a speaker. Drawing from his extensive speaking experience, the book delves into more detailed accounts of the classes and communication methods in prison, reinforcing the key messages from his talks.
  • Faith is important for self-trust, reliance on others, patriotism, and a strong connection with a higher power, showing how it can provide stability and strength during tough times.
  • Confidence, integrity, continuous learning, and a balanced perspective are crucial for professionals, influencing teamwork and leadership in engineering and business. Genuine values drive effective teamwork and help solve workplace challenges.

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