Truth is a Gift – A Perspective on Hard Conversations

Truth is a Gift – A Perspective on Hard Conversations

“The gift of truth excels all other gifts.” – Gautama Buddha

There will be moments in your career when you need to tell a hard truth. Though uncomfortable and unsure of how it could be perceived by the person receiving it, it is still worth it.

To distinguish this kind of thinking, you must come into these sometimes difficult conversations with a mindset of genuinely wanting to help the other person and from a place of care and concern. Consider that if you do not share what you should, then you are withholding an opportunity for important development for this individual.

If a person doesn’t have the truth, then they can’t operate from reality. All of us are imperfect people that have the capacity to grow as individuals, as part of society, and as part of a team. Yet in order to do that, we need to know where we need to focus to enhance our skills and to improve who we are as a person.

These difficult conversations are necessary and have far-reaching effects on everyone. The truth could be hard to share or to digest, but if you can approach having these conversations in a positive, supportive way, the receiver is more likely to have an open mind and take it as a learning opportunity. They can take it as the gift of truth that it is.

Do you have some hard conversations you’re not sure how to manage? Let me know and we can work to help you move through the challenge!

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