Is It Good to Be Obsessed? Not Always… Build Focus Instead

Is It Good to Be Obsessed? Not Always… Build Focus Instead

“Successful people maintain a positive focus in life no matter what is going on around them.” ~Jack Canfield

Did you know there is a difference between focus and obsession?

It’s actually very important and significant.

The Problem With Obsession

While it seems like many people these days are touting the positive approach to being “obsessed” over their goals and projects, true obsession isn’t all that positive.

When you are obsessed, you have blinders on. You are not able to take in inputs and sensations from other sources. The people around you do not matter to you unless they can help you achieve your obsession goal.

In a sense, you lose yourself, and will likely damage relationships and miss out on opportunities because of your obsession. For many, it even damages physical health.

The Power of Focus

Focus, on the other hand, allows you to still dial into a goal or process you are working on. You can still eliminate negative distractions and avoid places/people that might be a drain on your progress.

Yet you remain present and intentional throughout the process. You are still aware of your feelings, your body condition, and the people around you. You stay open to new ideas that might help you in your path to success.

You keep attention on the task and goal at hand, but you don’t completely lose yourself.

So if you have goals you are passionately striving for, I encourage you to work on staying focused rather than losing yourself in obsession. You’ll be glad you did.

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