Is It Better to Work in Large or Small Engineering Companies? It Depends…

Is It Better to Work in Large or Small Engineering Companies? It Depends…

“Finding a job that is a good fit is as much about you selecting the right company as it is about them selecting the right candidate” ~Miles Anthony Smith

In the span of my career as I have worked in small, medium, and large organizations, I have evolved and changed. Through these experiences I have needed to learn to adapt to the processes and systems in place, and even be a part of creating those processes.

The difference in the places I have worked is the dynamics and complexity of the internal processes and the purpose of each one to run the business smoothly. In a small or medium business, there were instances that I had to wear different hats in order to deliver what was needed. In a large company, I was part of just operating within the system in a more defined role.

In the shift from working for a company and launching my own business, I am grateful to have the skills and knowledge I gained during those key years of my career about operating in different sized businesses.

Currently, I wear all the “hats” and I get to do almost everything. I have also learned how to find experts to learn from and collaborate with, which in turn has helped me to grow and progress in this new stage of my career/business.

At different stages in your career and in your life, you will take on different roles in different working environments. None of them is inherently good or bad, but you might decide if they are or are not a good fit for you at that time.

You might simply consider what you want to learn – this could lead you to determine what sort of company or environment you are best to work at right now.

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