Unlocking the Benefits of Internships for Aspiring Engineers – Podcast interview with Sol Rosenbaum

Unlocking the Benefits of Internships for Aspiring Engineers – Podcast interview with Sol Rosenbaum

“Internships can aid younger engineers in identifying their interests, enhance their engineering school education, and thrive in a real-world engineering position.” – Sol Rosenbaum

In this episode, I interviewed Sol Rosenbaum, a licensed professional engineer with over two decades of experience in energy engineering. He is the owner and managing engineer at SR Engineering & Consulting LLC and the founder of The Engineering Mentor. Sol sheds light on the significance of internships, offering insights on approaching, leveraging, and creating personalized internship experiences.

Here Are Some of the Key Points Discussed About Unlocking the Benefits of Internships for Aspiring Engineers:

  • Internships are crucial for young professional engineers and students as they provide hands-on experience to help identify interests and build on the engineering school foundation. It helps put all the learned skills together and gives a clear understanding of the engineering world, preparing students for real-world engineering jobs.
  • Although internships are not a mandatory requirement, they can make candidates better prepared for jobs. If an internship opportunity is not available, one can develop skills, volunteer, work with other departments in the school, and gain different perspectives that could be valuable lessons.
  • When starting the process of looking for an internship, research the type of role and companies that interest you. Do not limit yourself to only the popular companies, as many companies are dealing with different components of the area you want to work in.
  • It is important to be aware of warning signs in work environments. To learn about them, connect with people who have worked in the company before or current employees. In the interview, ask about job expectations and how you will be paired up with a senior engineer for better learning opportunities.
  • Even if you do not end up in the area of engineering you like, internships provide opportunities to learn about teamwork, collaboration, and how different departments work together.
  • If an internship is not feasible, there are many alternatives available to gain relevant experience, such as traveling, volunteering, or doing something that brings meaning and value to you.
  • Managing expectations is crucial while looking for internships, as it may not be the top priority for companies. Hence, it is essential to consider other options available.

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