How to Get the Most Out of Your Engineering Internship – Podcast interview with Sam LaMontanaro

How to Get the Most Out of Your Engineering Internship – Podcast interview with Sam LaMontanaro

“Internships are invaluable because they link theoretical learning to real-world application, enhancing understanding and readiness for your career path” – Sam LaMontanaro

In this episode, I interviewed Sam LaMontanaro P.E., C.E.M., Director of Engineering at Aufgang Architects, LLC, and we talked about internship programs that are tailored for young engineers. We delve into the exciting opportunities these programs offer and how they equip aspiring engineers to conquer real-world challenges in the industry. Additionally, for those contemplating fieldwork, we explore the significant benefits young engineers can derive from hands-on experience and how it fosters their professional growth.

Here Are Some of the Key Points Discussed About How to Get the Most Out of Your Engineering Internship:

  • Aufgang’s leadership journey often starts with internships that prioritize building lasting connections and gaining hands-on experience. Many team members, having begun as interns, thrive within the company’s culture, showcasing the value of early engagement and ongoing collaboration.
  • Aufgang Architects, LLC usually hosts four to five summer interns, prioritizing their learning by pairing them closely with senior-level employees to ensure meaningful mentorship and impactful engagement. This structure allows for direct oversight and exposure to real-world design scenarios, benefiting from the extensive expertise of experienced professionals.
  • Internships are crucial for translating academic knowledge into practical applications. Working with real-world scenarios in tangible settings, interns solidify their understanding and align their education with the tools and skills essential for success in the field.
  • An engineering internship serves as test drives in the industry, enabling individuals to immerse themselves, determine their daily work preferences, and ascertain if the chosen field aligns with their long-term career goals.
  • Incorporating fieldwork into internships is essential to connect theoretical designs with real-world applications. Walking through existing buildings and observing the transition from paper to physical systems offers interns practical insights that enhance their engineering comprehension and design precision.
  • Interns at Aufgang Architects, LLC can work on real-world projects, such as a 13-story building renovation and NYC Housing Authority renovations. They get to see every system in a building, from the plumbing and electrical systems to the civil and stormwater systems. This gives them a comprehensive understanding of how buildings work and how to improve them.
  • To maintain quality control, the company has a system of checks and balances in place. Interns work alongside senior engineers, and their work is reviewed at multiple levels before it is finalized. This ensures that all drawings and designs are accurate and meet the company’s standards.
  • To decarbonize buildings in New York City, the focus is on electrification. This means using newer technologies such as photovoltaics, as well as integrating everything from a good building envelope to efficient HVAC systems. Off-Game hosts weekly classes on new technologies, which are open to both licensed professionals and interns. This constant education is essential for everyone involved in the decarbonization effort, as they learn about the latest innovations and how to integrate them into buildings.
  • When designing buildings, it is important to balance budget and energy conscientiousness. This can be done by finding innovative ways to integrate new technologies and systems into projects without breaking the budget.

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