How to Guarantee a Great Internship Experience – Podcast interview with Robert J. Khoury

How to Guarantee a Great Internship Experience – Podcast interview with Robert J. Khoury

“Dignity holds the same importance as other key aspects of life. It’s equally valuable and deserves more attention in internships.” – Robert J. Khoury

In this episode, I interviewed Robert J. Khoury and we talked about the key principles and strategies for creating an exceptional internship experience. He emphasizes the importance of empathy and intentionality in designing internships that meet the needs of both the employer and the intern. Robert also highlights the significance of dignity in internships and the impact it has on the overall experience, and provides practical advice on preparing for internships, conducting effective interviews, and setting up programs for high value.

Here Are Some of the Key Points Discussed About How to Guarantee a Great Internship Experience:

  • Key factors and principles that elevate an internship experience from average or poor to exceptional include empathy and intentionality. Empathy involves understanding the student’s perspective, while intentionality ensures clarity and purpose in every interaction. These two principles form the foundation of a successful internship experience.
  • As a manager getting ready for an internship, ensuring a great experience and effective contribution involves a few key steps. Firstly, get buy-in from the team to support the intern. Secondly, have regular calls with the intern before they start in order to build rapport and understand their interests. Lastly, create a guidance document outlining the organization’s mission and culture to set clear expectations. By doing these things, managers can ensure interns feel valued and ready to contribute to the team.
  • To make sure the interview process is positive and finds outstanding interns, companies should start by sharing about themselves to ease candidates. They should use the same questions for everyone to compare fairly, set clear feedback deadlines to respect candidates’ time, and offer warm, empathetic feedback to leave a good impression and select the best interns.
  • Prioritizing dignity in internships is crucial as it recognizes each individual’s value. It goes beyond respect and empathy, forming a lasting foundation in professional relationships. Treating interns with dignity creates a positive environment, enhancing self-esteem and leaving a lasting impression, making the experience more enriching for all.
  • Employers can ensure interns have a positive experience by giving regular feedback, assigning suitable projects to challenge them without overwhelming them, and granting autonomy for decision-making. This approach helps interns feel fulfilled, gain valuable skills, and enjoy their internships.
  • To maximize the value of interns, employers should assign multiple projects at once. This taps into interns’ multitasking skills, keeping them engaged and productive. By trusting interns to manage their time and providing support, employers can optimize their internship programs and get the most from their students.
  • To ensure a positive and fulfilling conclusion to an internship, managers should start wrapping up about three weeks before the end. Discuss remaining tasks with the intern, aiming to complete them a week before the end to avoid last-minute stress. Provide surveys for interns to reflect on their experience and gather feedback. Offer a separate survey for their parents to gain additional insights. These steps ensure a smooth and rewarding conclusion for everyone involved.

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